Biomechanical Assessment

At Dereham Podiatry Practice, we offer specialist clinics in biomechanics, gait analysis and orthotics.


Foot and leg pain

Many patients come to the Practice, not with standard foot or nail care issues, but with chronic problems of pain in the feet or lower limbs. These are often referred to as biomechanical or gait problems. Biomechanical or Gait problems involving the feet may also cause problems in the upper body of the patient as well.

Our Lead Podiatrist Suzanne Clipson has many years experience in Biomechanics and has recently opened a specialised Gait Lab in the Bloomfield Clinic adjoining Dereham Podiatry Practice.

The Lab has an RS Scan gait analysis pressure plate and software system which has the capability to analyse foot and leg problems in much greater detail. This is done in conjunction with 2-way video recording of walking.

We offer a course of treatment to identify and correct foot and leg pain issues and stock a wide range of orthotics. We can also prescribe bespoke orthotics, if necessary.

The initial session will include a full assessment of gait followed by a second appointment 2-3 weeks later for feed back on the data and fitting of orthotic if required. The final appointment 3-4 weeks from the second appointment is to ensure everything is satisfactory.

For more information on this exciting development please contact us.