Biomechanical Assessment

At Dereham Podiatry Practice, we offer specialist clinics in biomechanics, gait analysis and orthotics.


Foot and leg pain

Many patients come to the Practice, not with standard foot or nail care issues, but with chronic problems of pain in the feet or lower limbs. These pains may also affect the patient in the upper leg or back. These are often referred to as biomechanical or gait problems.

Foot and leg pain treatment will generally commence with an initial session to assess the problem, and to develop a treatment plan. In many cases, problems may be resolved at the first appointment.

We stock a wide range of orthotics that are often used to correct foot and leg pain issues. We can also prescribe bespoke orthotics, if necessary.

In some cases, we may advise more detailed investigation of a foot or gait problem. We have a RS Scan gait analysis pressure plate and software system which has the capability to analyse foot and leg problems in much greater detail.